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It’s a new requirement, for all VET students. GET YOUR USI NOW!

If you don’t have a USI, you won’t be able to receive recognition for your training. TAIE can assist you creating a USI if you do not already have one.

What is the Unique Student Identifier (USI)?

From 1 January 2015, all STUDENTS who undertake vocational education and training VET COURSES must have a USI. If you do not hold a USI training providers (RTO) cannot, by LAW, issue you a Certificate, Diploma, Statement of Attainment or Transcript for your training.

The USI is part of the way that the Australian Government is improving the training sector. It ensures people can obtain a complete record of their enrolments and achievements from a single online source and that lost qualifications will be a thing of the past.

What do you need to do?

TAIE can create your USI for you. To do that you must provide your consent and one of the following types of ID when you enrol or are continuing with your studies in 2015:

  • Australian Driver’s Licence
  • Medicare Card
  • Australian Passport
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • Visa (with Non-Australian Passport)
  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Registration by Descent
  • ImmiCard

By signing the CIC enrolment form, you confirm acceptance of the USI Privacy Statement. You can complete the USI Application Form if you are an existing TAIE student. Once we have created your USI, the Australian Government will provide you with a copy in the post for your records.

If You already have a USI?

Let us know today! Visit our friendly administration staff at college. You may need to provide further identification so please bring along your Visa and Passport.

Need Help or Further Info?

The Australian Government provide full details on the USI scheme through the USI portal. For more information you can visit the office USI web page at