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Custom Training

TAIE can provide flexible and customised training to your organisation and staff incorporating the most up to date technology and trends in your industry.

We can work with you to increase your industry value by upskilling your staff to meet current industry standards. We do this by offering both accredited and non-accredited training programs that structured and customised for your business and your industry.

We offer:

  • Customised and tailored training/courses
  • Competency and skills assessments
  • Visa training benchmarks
  • Hospitality consulting

Customised and tailored course

With over 10 years training experience, TAIE can customise all or part of your training that can be aligned with either national standards (accredited training) or custom to your specific needs (non-accredited training). Our tailored programs will help you increase your business productivity and improve your staff skills and motivation.

Our custom training offered:

  • Customised and flexible training tailored to your enterprise or industry specific needs
  • Provide training and assessment at your workplace, online, at our colleges or a combination to suit your needs
  • Run short courses that address particular skills development (including meeting legislative compliance requirements)
  • Prepare and provide suitable learning materials including multi-lingual learning resources (English/Chinese)

Competency and skill assessments

Do you or your company have employees with experience but no qualification?

Through recognition of prior learning (RPL), TAIE can formally recognise the skills, knowledge and experience of you or your employees towards the completion of a nationally accredited qualification and provide suitable training if there are gaps between actual and required skills

Visa training benchmarks

TAIE can conduct structured onsite training for your employees and clients at short notice. If you have visa training requirements, we can work with you to design suitable solutions to meet your training requirements as required by your visa from the Deparment of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

TAIE has extensive training experience in the fields of Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Travel and Tourism, and Hairdressing. Training can be held on or off site to suit your need.

Hospitality Consulting

TAIE also offers hospitality consulting & coaching services that will help your business. We work with you to focus on areas of your business that needs attention and give you the tool to help you improve every aspect of your business.

We can tailor specific plans for your business if you require:

  • Assistance with local council food safety inspection: The risk of not effectively managing food safety risks can range from poor diner experiences to causing illness and the loss of reputation from the bad publicity and the potential fines and legal action that follow. Possible penalties if you are not effectively managing these risks range from $2,000 to $100,000 or 2 years imprisonment for each offence under the Act.
  • Equipment selecting/sourcing: From system advice including POS systems, Payroll and HR systems, Security Systems, Stocktaking systems to commercial equipment includes ovens, refridgerator, utensils,...
  • Staff training: From induction through to structured training programs, we can equip your team with the skills they need to deliver and perform their duties effectively for your business.
  • Food safety program design & implementation: Development of policies and procedures, training of workers in Workplace Hygiene, on-site inspections to identify gaps or operational weaknesses.